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BadAss Creative is the meeting of artistic ingenuity, and entrepreneurial innovation. 


Artists and Entrepreneurs alike are applauded and admired for the success of their endeavours, while the parallels in their paths are rarely recognized. 


Artists, like Entrepreneurs, have a product or idea to sell, and they need to hustle to establish their place within the market. Defining signature style, understanding their audience, navigating profit margins, and creating brand voice while implementing a solid administrative framework ensures long term sustainability.


Entrepreneurs have a vision, as Artists do, and must entice the world to engage in it. Conceptualizing scope, igniting collaborative relationships, harnessing ideas, and learning fearlessly while listening and understanding the human experience establishes their business within our cultural fabric. ​


Both are intrinsically Creative, and undeniably BadAss — So am I.

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Parker Chapple Idea Alchemist

Fund Development, Business Consulting, Business Development, Capacity Building, Event Production, Festival Managment, Fundraising, Grant Writing, LGBTQ, 2SLGBTQ+, Queer


My career began in multi-unit retail management, where success is ultimately defined by a singular goal — increasing net profit.


My experience since has spanned over 25 years in varied positions supporting publicly traded international companies, independently owned proprietorships, and non-profit organizations. 

I have learned that the ability to ignite collaborative and agile teams, supported by expert project management process, define you as a leader in that success.  

I’ve gained expertise in developing and managing complex operations, cultivating funding opportunities, designing procedural frameworks, and crafting captivating organizational stories. 

Over the years, I have found adapting this to support the entrepreneurs, creatives, and collaborators truly inspiring; like standing next to the fountain of good ideas while holding a vessel in which to share them with the world. Let's inspire the world with your business, together.

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