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Fund development is the ongoing strategic positioning of an organization to sustain and grow its resources by building relationships with those who understand and care about the organization’s relevance to the community. Building meaningful relationships requires creating a shared vision, clear articulation of mission, creative strategies, and a solid communication plan.



A good grant writer will translate organizational narratives within the guidelines of a grant proposal, drawing clear parallels between what is required, and how it will be accomplished. A truly remarkable grant writer understands how grant opportunities can be strategically applied within the mission of an organization, and the programming or projects reflecting that.


Partnerships are about more than just marketing rights and return on investment. First and foremost, they must make an impact. Companies want organizations to communicate exactly how their dollars are impacting their mission, vision and the people they support. Strong impact stories — and knowing how and when to share them — will create lasting partnerships and ongoing support for an organization.



The beauty of third party fundraising is that other good humans are doing the work on an organization's behalf to meet a common end goal. Third party fundraising initiatives or events are an organic opportunity to ignite community engagement with values-aligned businesses, while raising capital to support the work being done. It's a feel-good story that everyone likes being a part of, and hearing about.


Business development encompasses a wide scope of ideas, activities, and initiatives that leaders implement with the goal of doing business better. This includes many objectives, such as strengthening community engagement, project implementation or expansion, stewarding new or existing strategic partnerships, and improving operational frameworks. Most importantly, business development ensures long term sustainability while supporting the evolution of organizational vision.

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Improving management practices is a well-accepted tenet in the business world but is often overlooked in nonprofit, where the focus is more often on project delivery rather than infrastructure. By targeting capacity building efforts in policy development and empowering teams with standard operating practices, you create organizational resilience and transparency.


All organizations engage in project management, whether it is defined as a project plan or not. It is the act of developing a plan to meet a specific end goal that supports broader-reaching goals within the business. Successful project plans include defining success metrics, allocating resources, stakeholder management, evaluating risks, and determining a schedule and budget while ensuring collaboration and communication throughout the project lifecycle.


Event production goes above and beyond traditional event planning by combining event management with creative and technical production, focusing on the delivery of an experience that amplifies the event’s voice and ignites connectivity between participants.

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